“POLITEIA” – Training Courses about Global Citizenship Education

We are very proud to announce that “POLITEIA” has managed to build an innovative, tailored training course addressed to teachers to allow them to confidently bring global citizenship issues in the classroom, integrate its themes and values in the citizenship course or across curricula and ignite students’ interest in global citizenship.

The training course will enhance the competencies of teachers to understand and integrate global citizenship education into their teaching and will help them promote the inclusion of global citizenship education in school curricula. The course is available on the “POLITEIA” e-learning platform.

“POLITEIA” is a European initiative aiming to address the evident gap in the provision of global citizenship education in secondary schools and to support teachers to promote and integrate global citizenship in their teaching. Our goal is to strengthen the provision of global citizenship education in schools across the U.K., Greece, Portugal, Slovenia and Cyprus, with innovative methods, tools and resources.

In “POLITEIA” e-learning platform you will find Course for the Educators, Toolkit for Educators and Trainers’ Guidelines. Course for the Educators aims to increase educators’ knowledge and skills in teaching Global Citizenship. Courses include an introduction and meaning of global citizenship, organisations and goals, the challenges of global citizenship and how to drive change. Their duration is estimated from 6 to 8 hours. The Toolkit for Educators provides teachers with materials, and presents teaching techniques and examples that could be used in integrating global citizenship issues in the classroom. The contents of the Toolkit are an introduction, teaching techniques, best practices, online and assessment tools and references. And last but not least the Trainers’ Guidelines aim to explain the content of the Global Citizenship Course to the future trainers/teachers and how they can implement the course with their students.

Find out more about our effort to promote the inclusion of global citizenship education in school curricula here.

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