“POLITEIA” Promoting global citizenship education in schools.

POLITEIA is an Erasmus+ project aiming to address the gap in the provision of Global Citizenship Education in secondary schools and to support teachers in promoting and integrating global citizenship into their teaching. In this context, the project seeks to build an innovative, tailored training course addressed to teachers to allow them to confidently bring global citizenship issues into the classroom, integrate its themes and values in the citizenship course or across curricula and ignite students’ interest in global citizenship.

The Final Conference

To celebrate the closure of the project, the Final Conference was held on 17/06/2022 in Brussels with 33 participants.

Our project aims to enhance teachers’ competencies to understand and integrate global citizenship education into their teaching, strengthen the provision of international citizenship education in schools with innovative methods, tools, and resources, and promote the inclusion of global citizenship education in school curricula. Within this context, the project’s team created “The Global citizenship course materials, tools, and resources” presented at the Final Conference.

At the project’s beginning, the ” POLITEIA ” team developed the global citizenship course piloted in every partner’s country and is available in English, Greek, Portuguese, and Slovenian.

After the piloting of this course, a course handbook was created with the following contents:

  • The Trainers’ Guidelines
  • A Toolkit to help educators work on global citizenship concepts with their students
  • An online platform

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