Policy recommendations on Mainstreaming Global Citizenship education and achieving SGD 4.7

Our project, “POLITEIA”, seeks to promote global citizenship education in European schools by making the subjects and the issues more amenable to teaching and accessible to young citizens and contribute to the development of concrete educational pathways for global citizenship education.

Within the context, the Erasmus+ projects’ team has developed a policy recommendation paper to contribute to SDG 4.7’s achievement to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Most educators express interest and understand that global citizenship is a critical and relevant topic for their students. However, to teach it, educators need to acquire the appropriate knowledge on this topic, understand the various possibilities for introducing these topics, and integrate. There is a wide range of pedagogical approaches and teaching methods that teachers can incorporate into their teachings about Global citizenship, such as role play activities, debates, or problem-based group projects. Innovative ways will allow students to gain knowledge differently and increase their interest, participation, and engagement during the course. It is also essential to understand that teachers have different levels of experience teaching about global citizenship.

You can download the Policy Recommendation Paper here to learn more about successfully bringing global citizenship issues into the classroom.

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