Results and Outputs

The global citizenship course will be available in English, Greek, Portuguese and Slovenian and will offer the following benefits:

  • Teachers will be trained during the project.
  • Educational researchers and course designers will be able to use it and expand on it.
  • Educational authorities at national level will be able to use it in order to train more teachers and scale up the proposed course. 

The content of the global citizenship course will include the delivery of the following resources for the implementation of the training:

  • Development of the Course Handbook
  • The Trainers’ Guidelines
  • A Toolkit to help educators work on global citizenship concepts with their students
  • An Online Platform

These will be available as open-source materials that can be adjusted and used by other actors that may be interested. They will be available in English, Greek, Portuguese and Slovenian.

The proposed course will be pilot tested to teachers of secondary education in the U.K., Greece, Cyprus, Portugal and Slovenia, with the aim to gauge its relevance and impact, and to collect feedback from the end users.

Based on the collected feedback from the pilot testing, Global Citizenship Education will be promoted in schools, contributing thus to the achievement of SDG 4.7. The aims are to:

  • Provide concrete evidence on the impact of the training course and a roadmap for its upscaling.
  • Support the introduction and mainstreaming of global citizenship in secondary education.